We have Industrial solutions for Factories, Farms, Handheld diagnostic equipment and more.


Our devices support Mass-Transit vehicles like:
Rail cars, and Buses.
We also provide M.M.D. solutions for monitoring these large scale systems.

Automotive and Marine

We are building display systems for tomorrows automotive and marine vehicles
These systems can meet IP standards as well as MIL-SPEC standards when requiered.


VDC's aerospace disdplay system engineers are designing systems to meet MIL-SPEC standards. VDC and Jaco have built systems for some of the largest military
contrators in the world.
We have worked with Lockheed Martin, L3 Harris, Collins Aerospace, and NASA.


VDC is designing and building display systems to meet the harshest environments.
From handheld mini systems to vehicle mounted systems. These systems have to exceed the MIL standard. Our systems are tough when tough really matters.


VDC and Jaco have been building display systems for medical devices for more than 20 years. We have worked on devices for Monitoring, Cleaning, and Viral/Bacterial testing.


# Our Industrial Solutions

We build displays and display solutions for industrial environments.
Our solutions include shatter resistant cover glass, touch screens, metal housings and Mil-Spec connectors.

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Man and Woman working in a factory


# Our Transportation Solutions

VDC is working with cutting edge companies to bring new ways of providing visual information to the consumer.
We are working with many companies on mobile display solutions including: Cars, Buses, and Railway cars.

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Transportation Display Solutions

Automotive and Marine

# Our Auto and Marine Solutions

VDC and Jaco have automotive and marine display solutions that are
right for you.
We can custom build a display system to meet IP67 and rugged specifications to meet the requirements of day to day use for any vehicle or marine vessel.

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Futuristic Car and Boat with LCD screens


# Our Aerospace Solutions

VDC's design engineers have deveolped some of the top LCD solutions for the aerospace industry.
These designs meet the MIL standards for rugged, atmosphere, water, and more.

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# Our Military Solutions

VDC and Jaco have both supplied display solutions to our Armed Forces.
From our MMD Solutions to our LCD displays that are for larger systems.
Our solutions stand up to the toughest environments. Before you start your next project.

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Military Personnel and Helicopter


# Our Medical Solutions

VDC and Jaco have designed and built life svaing display systems.
Our systems range from Viral and Bacterial testing, Cleaning, and Monitoring.
We have worked with some of the worlds biggest medical product companies like: ThermoFisher, J&J, Bekton Dickenson and more.

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Medical Display Solutions

Video Display Corporation

# Display Products

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TFT Displays
LCD Displays
Touch Screen Displays
Resistive, Capacitive, IR, SAW and more...
Sunlight Readable
High Bright Displays
Character Display Modules
Character Displays

# More Products from Video Display Corporation