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Video Wall


Who We Are

Jaco Display Solutions provides custom video walls in various sizes for a range of industries and operating environments.  Jaco provides video wall solutions of any size and budget, and we assist our customers with every aspect, from content control to installation of these stunning displays.

Our Capabilities

We are capable of handling the full process of developing and installing video wall systems, from a single display panel to any size matrix of panels to form the desired size video wall:

Concept development
Sale of individual components to complete systems.
Provide local and remote content control
Installation, including video, audio, structural and power requirements as well as thermal considerations.  

Video Wall Uses

Jaco has designed and installed video walls ranging from a single monitor in an airport walkway, to a large matrix of monitors in a casino lobby. Video wall installations are a dynamic addition to both indoor and outdoor venues, including:

Fast food restaurant
Shopping malls
TV studios
Office lobbies
Retail stores
Emergency call centers
Security surveilance

Jaco Video Wall Installations


Pennsylvania’s Valley Forge Casino Resort is home to this video wall installation. The focal point of the casino’s grand entrance is a 252 sq/ft video wall designed & installed by Jaco. The 9’ X 28’ wall includes twenty-eight 55" LCD digital signage monitors. Despite extremely short project timelines, Jaco was able to design and bid the winning proposal, procure materials, acquire permits and licenses, deliver, assemble, and test the complete system. This job was another example of Jaco’s expertise in complex projects from the engineering and design phase through manufacturing and delivery.

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Jaco has delivered in-studio and on-air video wall displays for several Fox News Studios in New York City:

• The Imus in the Morning program which is broadcast on the Fox Business Channel
The Sean Hannity Show on Fox News
The most recent addition is the Jaco video wall inside of the newly re-designed studio for the Fox-and Friends Morning Program.


We look forward to discussing your display requirements with you.