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Jaco High Bright Displays


Jaco Display Solutions offers a wide range of enhanced Sunlight readable LCD sizes. Jaco's high bright LCDs are designed and developed to operate in high light ambient conditions and ideal for outdoor use. Jaco integrates commercially available, industrial grade, TFT Flat Panel LCD with high luminance state of the art LEDs and fully dimmable to match the environment they are used in. The high Luminance LEDs are integrated efficiently to be provide sunlight readability with low power and thermal management. Jaco updates its designs to include the latest more efficient high luminance LEDs. The Sunlight readability is further enhanced by in house optical bonding. The optical bonding is performed in a class 100 clean room in our Hauppauge, NY facility. In addition to optical bonding, Jaco offers enhanced film stacks as well as surface treatment that reduces reflections and glare from ambient light. These innovative enhancements improve contrast and boost the efficiency of the backlight.


These high bright, sunlight readable TFT flat panel LCD displays are available in various sizes (6.4", 7", 8.4", 9", 10.4", 12.1", 15", 17", 19", 20.1", 21.3", 23.1", 24", 32", and 40"), and offered in various mechanical configurations as well as environmental ruggedizations. The high bright product line is available as open frame LCD modules, Bench Top to fully enclosed, panel or VESA mount LCD displays. Our fully enclosed militarized displays are offered in rugged enclosures and designed and developed to meet the requirements of NEMA 4 (IP65), NEMA 4X (IP66), MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461.


Most models can be or already are configured with various touchscreen technologies including resistive, CP resistive, capacitive, projected capacitive (PCAP), or even a hardened armored touch technology. In addition, Jaco offers additional EMI protection (Transparent EMI Mesh Window, EMI Gasket and/or Copper Tape Wrap or Silver Bus around Front and Back of Touch Screen) as well as integrated Single Board Computers.


Jaco's high bright displays are suitable for most commercial, industrial and military applications. The enhanced high bright displays are ideal solutions for Gaming, ATM, industrial, surveillance, automotive, marine, FAA, aerospace and military applications.





Popular TFT products:




7" JHB070AC01 TFT


8.4" JHB084AA01 TFT


9" JHB090AA01 TFT